Breeding of Wild Species 

For the already endangered animal types of South Africa, new dangers emerge on the horizon. They are facing „competition“ by new manifestations of species that were created artificially by breeding wild races.  Black Impalas, copper-coloured Blesbucks and golden-coloured Blue Wildebeests  and Oryx Antelopes with unusually long horns were auctioned in  Windhoek on June 6th 2015 for the first time. This could be read on the Internet. The AZ Allgemeine Zeitung also informed about this incident in its online edition on 30.06.2015.

The ERONGO MOUNTAIN RHINO SANCTUARY TRUST OF NAMIBIA and the ERONGO-DIRECTORY for frican game strongly reject such breeding of wild races with regard to the natural development of the African animal life and its genetics. In so far as such breedings are made to offer new targets for the trophy hunt, they do lead to a perversion of the hunt.  In the face of such breedings of wild races, animal protection does not only demand the preservation of the habitats and their autochthonous wild species, but also the prevention of the introduction of such artificially created animal species.

The INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL FOR GAME AND WILDLIFE CONSERVATION (CIC) has taken his stand in the following statement:
Keine züchterische Manipulation von Wildtieren! (PDF 500KB)
Wildtiere und kommerzielle Zucht ehemals wild lebender Arten (PDF 266KB)